Married for Life


Sitcom with Russ as ‘Ted Butler’ a hapless shoe salesman whose life is not all it could be. His job is a disappointment. His home is a disappointment. And as for his family his wife wants sex; his kids want money; and he just wants to be left alone.
Also staring Susan Kyd, Lucy Blakely, Peter England, Julie Dawn Cole and Hugh Bonnaville.

CARLTON Television 7x30m-ep / 1996 Producer: Paula Burdon.
 Director: Terry Kinane.

Episode List

1. For Whom The Bell Tolls (5 Mar)
2. If I Were A Rich Man (12 Mar)
3. Sixteen Years And What Do You Get? (19 Mar)
4. Where's The Boss? (26 Mar)
5. Whose Room Is It Anyway? (2 Apr)
6. My Mum, The Mum (9 Apr)
7. Eating Out (16 Apr)

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